Built for Efficiency, for Patients.

We are revolutionizing drug discovery and development to be smarter, faster and better. With our Gene Circuitry PlatformTM, we have discovered how to dial up or down the expression of any gene. Using our foundational insights to decipher transcriptional machinery, we are pioneering a systematic and scalable approach to discover new, druggable targets to control gene expression to treat diseases across all therapeutic areas.

Eliminating the Guessing Game, Accelerating the Pace

Almost all diseases have a genetic basis. More than 6,000 rare genetic disorders are monogenic, meaning they can be traced to a single gene mutation. Complex diseases that impact large swaths of the global population – like diabetes, obesity, cardiovascular diseases and cancer – can be traced to thousands of genetic variants.

But this massive influx of genetic information about diseases has not resulted in a surge of new drugs for patients. Due to complex and undiscovered biology, there is often a lack of understanding of exactly how drugs work in the body. With a heavy reliance on ‘trial and error’, drug discovery and development remains a high-risk, lengthy, expensive and low-success endeavor. Our goal is to eliminate that guessing game.

Thousands of diseases – and millions of patients – continue to have no treatment options. And for diseases with approved treatments, those treatments often aren’t optimal.

In mapping the genome and signalome, we are systematically unlocking new targets for hundreds of diseases to accelerate the discovery and development of treatments for patients.