Programmable Therapeutics

The ability to modify genes and gene expression using various therapeutic techniques has unlocked the potential to treat numerous diseases that used to be considered out of reach — yet many approaches to protein replacement have significant limiations. By targeting regulatory RNAs using custom-built oligonucleotide drug candidates, we believe we can do it better.

Our goal: precise, potent and durable therapeutics that can be programmed to treat thousands of diseases.

Antisense oligonucleotides are an accurate, efficient and proven way to engage desired RNA targets. Building upon the power of this technology, our RNA Actuators can be programmed to engage regRNA targets, producing specific changes in protein expression. We design RNA Actuators to treat diseases throughout the body.

RNA Actuators create a sequence-specific approach to precisely target regRNA transcripts.

RNA Actuators are a
new category of synthetic gene regulators

The Summit Approach

Our RAP Platform™

CAMP4's RNA Actuating Platform (RAP) is our unique approach to the summit. The distinct and uncharted path to finding drugs for a myriad of diseases. The right maps, careful selection of the route and optimal tools will get us to the top.

Map regRNA

We use next-generation sequencing technologies powered by proprietary AI algorithms to map regRNAs and the genes they control in a cell-specific manner.

Identify RNA Hotspots

We screen oligonucleotide drug candidates to target regRNA hotspots for maximum gene upregulation.

Program for Druggability

We design high-potency RNA Actuators for safe and effective delivery to target tissues underlying disease.

Therapeutic Potential

In upregulating gene expression by targeting regRNA with RNA Actuators, we can develop therapies that overcome the limitations of other approaches to gene modulation.

Adjustable Dosing

Ability to re-dose or adjust dose to precisely control (or reverse) effects

Cell and Tissue Specific

Reduced risk of off-target effects that can lead to toxicity

Hundreds of Diseases

Applicable to a broader range of diseases than other methods

We are building a deep pipeline of therapeutic candidates that have the potential to transform the treatment of a wide variety of diseases.

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Partnering to Capitalize on the Potential

Our platform enables expansive opportunities across multiple therapeutic areas. Given the enormity of the potential, we can’t do it all alone. We intend for our approach and unparalleled understanding of regRNAs, oligonucleotide technology and gene expression to open up vast horizons for drug discovery and development.

Partnering with biopharma companies with expertise in a given therapeutic area is integral to maximizing the potential of our platform for patients. Our aim is to empower partners with a rapid, efficient approach to targeting the diseases that matter most to them.

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