CAMP4 is Solving the Gene Circuitry Code

What if we told you that our bodies make use of only a few hundred different signaling pathways to control all of our 20,000 or so genes. We call it the gene circuitry code, unique for every gene in our body. CAMP4 has built a proprietary 4-D Gene Circuity Platform to codify the discrete set of combinatorial rules used by any human cell type central to disease pathology. By applying the power of computational biology and machine learning algorithms, CAMP4 is able to rapidly solve for druggable targets to control the output of any disease gene of interest.

Treating Every Disease Through the Power of Prediction

CAMP4 is focused on addressing the fundamental cause of disease by controlling the output of genes central to disease. By taking advantage of the gene circuitry code, CAMP4 is able to control gene production through signaling pathways the cell is already utilizing to regulate gene expression. Our predictions enable CAMP4 to have a rapid start to disease treatment, significantly reducing the time and risk to bring new medicines to patients.