CAMP4 is the final camp before a climber’s final ascent to the summit of Mt. Everest.

Reaching CAMP4 is the culmination of months of pre-climb preparation, and weeks of perseverance, endurance and ingenuity on the mountain.

Others have gone before – some succeeded, many failed. The risks to reach the summit, while significant, are outweighed by the promise of the ultimate reward. Summiting Everest is one of the most arduous physical and mental challenges – and greatest feats – known to humankind.

Like elite climbers, we at CAMP4 view every disease as a mountain to conquer. By revolutionizing drug discovery and development to systematically deliver highly selective targets, we plan to reach every summit.

Let’s not mince words.

Everest doesn’t attract a whole lot of well-balanced folks . The self-selection process tends to weed out the cautious and the sensible in favor of those who are single-minded and incredibly driven. Which is a big reason the mountain is so dangerous.”

– Jon Krakauer